Luxury Homes For Sale in McLean VA

There is no doubt that homes within McLean, Virginia are luxurious. In a 2018 American Community Survey, McLean was classified as the third wealthiest city in the whole US. The average household income in the area is valued at $190,258 while the national median is only at $63,179. That is basically 3 times more than a regular American household earns! This is why 22101 and 22102 (McLean) are considered the most expensive zip codes not only in Virginia but also in the US. So scrolling down the luxury homes for sale in McLean, VA, it’s not surprising to see not so large units already priced at a million dollars.

Part of the Washington Metropolitan area, McLean is home to diplomats, military, members of Congress, and other high ranking government offices. It’s located 10 miles away from the capital and is also just nearby the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

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Aside from the luxury homes, McLean is also just less than 10 minutes away from the nearby hub of high profit shopping. Tysons Corner Center is home to many upscale shops and eateries with a cinema and elevated outdoor plaza. It’s a premier shopping destination for those who live in Virginia. There’s also the Tysons Galleria which is a three-level super-regional mall boasting a collection of high-end retail shops. It’s the second-largest mall in Tysons and also one of the largest in the Washington metropolitan area. These two establishments are just minutes of walk away from each other.

Most consider McLean as quite the “boring” place. But its location just sitting outside Washington D.C. and bound by several Washington suburbs like Potomac, Arlington, Tysons Corner, and Great Falls make it a perfect place to buy a luxury home.

What is a luxury home?

A luxury home is usually known by many as a million-dollar home and for the most part, that’s true. But it’s not always the case. Depending on many factors especially the price of high-end real estate in the area, prices of these luxury homes vary. For example in places like Manhattan and New York which are high-end cities, the prices of luxury homes definitely hit a minimum of million dollars but for cities outside, prices can be less for the same.

But aside from the cost, what drives the luxurious description are the features of the house. These luxury homes, especially in the suburbs, have wide spaces with pools and landscaping. While some communities have already adapted with the new age with its ultramodern and sleek styles of architecture, there are still some which showcase historic statement architectures. These feature a more magnificently elegant style different from the minimalist aesthetic that is very popular today.

Interior Finishes For Luxury Homes In McLean 

Nevertheless, both styles usually have custom interior finishes and top of the line appliances as well. And even older homes built during the 1960s and ‘70s are catching up with time and are now also equipped with smart features.

And though the location might not be as prime as those in the cities, luxury homes are usually situated in wealthy neighborhoods which provide luxurious amenities as well. These amenities provide a holistic experience from recreation areas to even private clinics all within the neighborhood. Most of the time, these luxurious amenities are offered in exclusive memberships.

Why invest and buy luxury homes for sale in McLean, VA?

McLean has a sparse suburban feel with over 47,000 residents. Most high-end real estate here are large single family homes but there are also townhouses as well as luxurious apartment complexes. In recent real estate statistics, McLean is in the top 20% nationally for real estate appreciation. Properties were observed to appreciate by 35.12% over the last 10 years.

Average home values in the area start at an estimated $1.1 million but there are around 15% of homes that are cheaper starting at half a million dollars. Although honestly, the price is still a bit expensive at this rate but it’s McLean so the prices are fairly expected to be that high.

According to the numbers, McLean comprises eighty percent single family homes which date back from the 1940s to the 1970s. The 1940s style is usually far from the affluent style houses. This is largely due to the fact that half of the 1940s was covered by the war. That is why the style and theme of the houses back then were “make do and mend”.

How to Choose Fixtures and Finishes for Your New Luxury Home 

On the other hand, 1970s style brought in experimentation. The popular designs back then were geometric, pop-art, postmodernism, brutalism, and early deconstructivism. Houses were usually built in rectangular shapes or some as L-shaped with 3 good-sized bedrooms. The ceilings were a bit low and the floors were usually associated with earthier palettes like hardwood floors.

Although the design of houses during these eras usually get a bad reputation, they still have a lot going in for them. In fact, many homes built during the 1940s until the 1970s have become increasingly popular styles to be reinvented. That is, they’re being adapted into the ultramodern day style while still capturing the vintage feel of their era.

Emerging Trends That Helps Finding New Features on  Luxury Real Estate

If you’re into the trend today, you would see a lot of viral home renovation Tik Tok videos featuring the before and after and the process that it had gone through. So if you want to purchase luxury homes for sale here in McLean, VA, you don’t have to sweat about the old style. After all, you can always try and change things up.

Also, contrary to what most people would think, purchasing luxury homes isn’t just about living in it. You can also experiment with it and sell it off for a profit. At the end of the day, luxury homes are investments and good investments at that. That is, there is a certain appreciation value that you can expect from it especially after years.

Lastly, McLean is home of famous people from the arts and entertainment to business to politics. This adds a bit more personality into it and attracts more people to live in it.

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