Luxury Homes For Sale in Arlington VA

If you’re looking for the perfect suburban middle ground to begin the next chapter of your life maybe as a young exceptional individual living alone or as part of a family, then Arlington could be the best place for you. Above all, we’ll provide you with a list of available Luxury Homes For Sale In Arlington VA.

That is if you’re also ready for a bustling community. Arlington has been listed as the 11th most dense county across the US in 2019. It has over 230,000 in population in just 26 square miles of land.

Above all, it’s home to the Pentagon, headquarters building of the United States Department of Defense, and the Reagan National airport. Also, what makes properties here even more desirable is that Arlington will also soon house Amazon’s second headquarters. A fitting addition to a long list of power centers in the area.

Above all, it’s also just a quick drive from the capital which makes it an even more strategic location. You can enjoy working in the city without having to worry about living in the busy capital. If you are looking for a top real agent in Arlington VA, let us help you with your next luxury homes in Arlington.

Also, while most counties adjacent to the capital have expensive lifestyles, Arlington provides a cheaper option. In fact, you can afford a house in Arlington Mill at a median listing price of $249.9K.

But if you’re looking for luxury homes for sale in Arlington, VA, you can dive straight to Donaldson Run which has a median listing price of $1.6 million. It’s the most expensive neighborhood in Arlington. Nevertheless, you can enjoy luxury with a little bit less with prices starting at a million dollars. Scroll through our listing to know more.

What is a luxury home and why should you invest in one? 

Luxury homes are usually imagined as exquisite pieces of art. That is with a magnificent and elegant architecture and a delicate and breathtaking interior. Furthermore, most of the time, these interiors are custom-done to fit exactly the owner’s preferences.

In terms of architecture, there are the old and country style and there are also the newer ultramodern and sleek styles to choose from. Above all, while the interior usually has a large closet space, soaking tub, and state of the art appliances for its luxurious amenities.

In terms of outside entertaining space, a luxury home usually houses a pool and landscaping space. Some even have a patio as well.

Most of these homes cost more than a million dollars and can even go as high as $45 million like The Falls. The Falls is an elaborate mansion with an overlooking view of the Potomac River located in McLean, Virginia. This is the most expensive home sold in the area.

Nevertheless, luxury homes are not always as expensive as a million dollars. It has no definite price range and its cost is dependent on the prices of nearby properties. But one thing to keep in mind with high-end real estate is that they are included in the top 5% in market value of the area according to Redfin and

So why should you invest in one?

You’re already scrolling through so we assume that you’re already convinced that this is a good investment. But if you’re still debating whether to get one or not? Go for it. That’s because high-end real estates are not as badly affected as other investments in economic downturns like the coronavirus pandemic that we’re experiencing today.

In fact, more people have been looking at luxury homes amidst the pandemic. They are scouting for more comfortable spaces especially that everyone is forced to stay at home. Additionally, many families are looking for a secondary home which is just a drive away from their primary residence.

Needless to say, it’s a safer investment that appreciates every year. Not to mention that you will always have buyers whenever you need or want to sell it.

Why invest in a luxury home in Arlington, VA?

Arlington is the second largest principal city of the Washington Metropolitan Area. It is located in Northern Virginia along the southwest bank of the Potomac River and is directly across Columbia. It sits just 5.3 miles away from the capital, a rough 20-minute drive along Arlington Boulevard.

It’s very well connected to the greater D.C. region with 11 metro stations on the Orange, Silver, Blue and Yellow lines. It also has an easy connection to the Red Line which has access to Amtrak Washington, D.C. Union Station.

Adding to a long list of its top ranks, Arlington is also the 6th largest county in Virginia in 2019. It has also been listed as the 5th highest income county. Compared to the national median, the cost of living here is definitely pricier but not very far from off. You don’t have to worry though because the service lives up to the cost. Arlington is also ranked as #23 in the most livable cities in VA.

It’s a very safe and peaceful community with hot summers and cold fall and winter seasons. Arlington is generally good for families. In a 2016 study by, it was even named as the best place to retire.

If you’re into outdoor experiences, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the Potomac River and its tributaries while biking alongside it. That is because Arlington has a sophisticated bike infrastructure over 100 miles in length on-street and paved-off road. In terms of parking, it was ranked fourth next to D.C. according to the 2018 Parkscore ranking.

When you’re done with exercising, you can try out diverse restaurants owned by natives of the region. And everywhere you go, there is no obvious majority. Arlington is home for over 140 countries so there is some racial diversity.

There are also historic places you can visit like the Arlington National Cemetery, Tomb of the Unknowns, and the Pentagon Memorial.

It also has access to the best schools both in Virginia and the D.C. area. There’s the Marymount University and George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School to name a few.

The annual real estate appreciation in the area is at 2.2% and 4.9% in 5 years. The median home price here is at $649,900 as of December 2020. The market is balanced so the supply of luxury homes can definitely meet the higher demand for luxury properties during this time.

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