Luxury Homes For Sale in Falls Church VA

Dubbed as the “Little City”, Falls Church is 2.11 square miles or 5.2 square kilometers only. But even as small as that, it’s an independent city with county level governance. Rest assured that you will have everything you need in that little space.

With only 14,000 in population last 2019, this Little City is famous for its urban village community with endless community activities. You will also experience quality customer service everywhere you go – be it in restaurants or shops. Indulge in a city that features great ethnic and cultural diversity. Falls Church is also engaged in environmental activism which also provides volunteer opportunities. They aim to restore the local ecosystem and preserve the breathtaking and marvelous nature-scape in their small city.

School System in Falls Church, VA

It also has a nationally ranked school system which provides competitive and quality education. There are a number of luxurious homes for sale in Falls Church, VA. While the median list house price in the area is at $600,000, its luxurious counterparts listed here start at $1.1 million.

As of December 2020, the market here is a seller’s market. This means that there is a higher demand for  both average and luxury homes than it can supply. Homes are sold faster with a large number of buyers wanting to own a property here.

What are luxury homes?

Luxury homes are basically the top 5% real estate properties in the area. It’s a combination of stylish architecture, custom interior finishes, and a good location. While most luxury homes cost more than a million dollars, it should be noted that it’s not always the case. Some cost less than a million but always pricier than most properties hence it being luxurious. It’s just that the cost of these luxury homes are also regulated by the cost of nearby properties.

Are luxury homes considered good investments?

You might be wondering whether taking a leap into luxury homes is a smart decision especially during this time of pandemic. The real estate business has definitely hit a pause along the whole economy when the pandemic hit during spring. But despite that, it has emerged as a booming business in 2020.

In fact, according to a study done by, the demand for these multi-million residences also exceeded its pandemic trajectory. It even outpaced the highest pace of sales growth during the 2005 housing boom. And at the forefront of this is the luxury real estate business.

According to Danielle Hale, Chief Economist of, “The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the resilience of the housing market and unlike prior downturns, the luxury market is leading the recovery.”

She also added, “Stay at home orders and social distancing have put a value on the extra space. We’re seeing this in the luxury market as well which could mean there is renewed interest from high end buyers to find a second home that is within driving distance from their primary residence.”

And the numbers also support this. There is a 7.3% spike year over year search for upscale homes. While the luxury median sales price dropped 1.7% when the pandemic forced a lockdown, it rebounded 1.2% year-over-year to $825,000 from May to July 2020.

Why purchase luxury homes for sale in Falls Church, VA?

What makes Falls Church very interesting for those who are looking for luxurious properties is its size. First, it’s just 2.11 square miles of land fitting just over 14,000 people. That is there is quite an intimate relationship among community members.

Aside from that, everything is within your grasp since it’s not so big. And everything is just close to each other so it’s easier to run your errands. It’s a small and calm town with 12 city parks which are the best for picnics. There is a breathtaking view of nature which you can fully enjoy. There’s also very active environmental projects that preserve this sensational scenery.

There are also very good schools in the area. In fact, the public school system is award-winning. There is also a good teacher to student ratio with 11.4 students for every teacher. And Falls Church even puts a $17,000 investment for its students.

It’s a family-friendly place close to the capital. And despite its proximity to Washington D.C., it’s very quiet. It’s conveniently nine miles away from the White House. Falls Church can be easily accessed by Routes 66 and 50, the East and West Falls Church Metro Stations (Orange Line), and by a number of bus routes. The metro station also lies interestingly within the City’s boundary.

Choosing the Right Architecture Style Luxury Homes in Falls Church VA

There are historic sites that you can visit here as well. First is the Cherry Hill Farmhouse and Barn, an 1845 Greek Revival architecture style, which is a famous house museum. Next there’s the Birch House which is a historic home. It was built in the 1840s, as initially a 1 1/2-story, Greek Revival frame I-house dwelling. It was then enlarged in the next few years.

Now, it stands as a magnificent and marvelous sight that tourists would love to see. Another addition to the long list of historic homes, there’s also Mount Hope. Mount Hope is a Gothic Revival brick dwelling built in 1869.

Falls Church also houses a number of Falls Churches. These churches were established in the 1700s and these exquisite and spectacular brick churches are still in use today.

Aside from the strategic location, historic sites, and good schools in the area, Falls Church also prides itself with its endless events.  Among its many community events include the fabulous street festival and Memorial Day Parade. If you love marathons, you can join its 3K Fun Run. Aside from that, there’s also a year round Farmers Market during Saturdays at the City Hall Parking Lot. Surely there is a lot of food and things that you can try by yourself and with family as well.

Currently, Falls Church market is a hotspot for many high-end buyers. With the higher demand in luxury homes, the supply of these homes are coming in a bit short. So if you’d like a luxury home in this area, better make your decision right now. Scroll right through our list of luxury homes for sale in Falls Church, VA.

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