As one of the largest real estate brokers in the world, Keller Williams & Fred’s Properties LLC have the widest selection of exceptional, lavish luxury real estate in VA. This is made possible by their dedicated and competent realtors and family-friendly service. If you are looking for high-end real estate in the Virginia market then there is one logical choice to make. Choose Keller Williams for your new luxury home.

With almost 800 offices around the country and in 24 countries, you can trust the top real estate agent in Virginia to have your home sold faster than any other. We have the most breathtaking, exquisite, and ultra-modern open-plan homes available for your next home.

Staggering Choice with High-End Features

Your choices abound in the upscale tree-lined landscape of Virginia. With colonial homes that strike a captivating contemporary façade to the warmth of Mediterranean sophistication, you will be living in your dream home fast. The choice of magnificent luxury comfort is vast.

  • 7 bedrooms with 5 full bathrooms in the $5 million price bracket
  • 10 bedrooms with 7 full baths in the $7 million to $15 million price bracket
  • 15 bedrooms with 10 bathrooms in the above $20 million price bracket

The choices go up all the way to more than $30 million and above, all of which have access to the best schooling in the country. Schools like The Potomac School, Brooksfield School, and Forestville Elementary and many more are all within easy reach. Your new luxury home will be fitted with the most exclusive fittings and features.

  • Hardwood floors, oversized windows, and a large patio for outdoor entertaining
  • Cutting edge, Awe-inspiring kitchens with Sub Zero appliances or your choice of Viking or Miele appliances
  • Exceptional gardening giving you enchanting city views from your soaking tub
  • Iconic building styles like Victorian eclectic, Greek revival, or Southern look
  • Split level designs with country style wooden counters and finished basements

Highest Quality Service and Attention to Detail

KW’s experience in the highest end of the market gives you the peace of mind that every detail of your new luxury home will be looked after. This means that you can have the sleek, fabulous magnificent inviting move-in-ready mansion that you have always been dreaming of. Small details that make all the difference like granite countertops, access to shopping malls and grocery stores, or just being designed for convenience is their specialty.

In the upper echelons of the market the higher demands of the clientele, means you have a different set of criteria that govern your buying decisions. KW understands this and will only show you those luxury homes that will suit your taste. Whether you want a vacation home or a sunny open kitchen, the desires of the wealthiest property investors are their focus.

What is your heart’s desire?

In the luxurious Virginia real-estate market, there is no desire or taste that cannot be answered. KW will take your request and amaze you with a choice of serene sought after properties that most don’t get to see. They have exclusive listings and price ranges that will get you enjoying the VA countryside in no time at all.

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