Luxury Homes For Sale in Alexandria VA

Take a dip in history and enjoy the small town feel just 15 minutes away from the buzz of city life in Washington. All of that you can experience in Alexandria, Virginia.

Alexandria is home to the exquisite and historic Old Town district. It is known for its red brick sidewalks, cobblestone streets, and shops housed in historic buildings. Old Town has been one of the many features of Alexandria that attracts many people to live here. Let us find the list of all the available Luxury Homes For Sale in Alexandria, VA.

But there is more to Alexandria than just a town of history. It is also a place that fosters inventions and innovations with schools dedicated to the sciences. It also offers a lot of museums where you can enjoy art and parks where you can indulge yourself in nature. Also needless to say, the most spectacular of all places are places where good food is. And you bet it right that Alexandria serves the best beer and barbecues.

If you’re looking for a place to settle then this might be it. With its location and a long list of things to offer, Alexandria receives a higher demand in terms of real estate. Not only that, it’s also the land of the wealthiest so the price range of properties here can be a bit high. But if you can afford it, then scroll right through the list of luxury homes for sale here in Alexandria, VA.

How can a home be considered as luxurious?

If you’re new to looking up luxury homes, here are a few things that you need to know. First, a luxury home is not always price tagged at a million dollars. Most are but there are certain neighborhoods wherein a luxury home sells below a million dollars. That is because the price of high-end real estate or any real estate for that matter is always based on the prices of properties nearby.

If you’re looking for luxury homes in major cities like New York and Manhattan, expect more than just a million dollars for a minimum. Additionally, places like Alexandria in Virginia which has a close proximity to Washington also often sells high. The main reason for that is people are constantly looking for opportunities in cities. The higher demand for housing in these areas also bumped up the cost of real estate.

Aside from location, architecture and technological features also play important roles into what makes a home luxurious. For homes, statement architectures are the most expensive. These are usually styled like Victorian or Colonial Revival Homes. Think of columns, turrets, and multiple dormers, along with intricate carvings in the design and shutters on the windows.

Another spectacular statement architecture which is also considered as one of the most expensive is Italianate design. It’s characterized by window cornices, rounded windows, and covered doorways. More importantly, details are its standout features.

On the inside, custom and high-end  interior finishes like stainless steel appliances in an open kitchen, closet space, and soaking tub also drive up the cost.

Of course, technological features, especially security, are one of the most looked for features in modern luxury houses.

Lastly are the luxurious amenities provided in the neighborhood. One of these is exclusive membership and access to health and wellness centers, spa, pool, and recreation areas. Exclusivity in wealthy neighborhoods is a given and definitely classifies your home as part of the high-end real estates.

What is the status of Luxury Real Estate in Alexandria, Virginia?

As mentioned before, Alexandria is the land of the 1 percent or the top wealthiest. It is considered as one of the most expensive zip codes to live in the US.


According to Chris Kolmar who has been in the real estate business for over a decade, its proximity to the capital makes it a hub for lawyers, doctors, and business executives. Its location makes it perfect for easy access to Washington D.C. without having to endure living in the busy capital with its heavy traffic.

Houses in this area are 4.12x the national median while household incomes are 2.77x the national median. If you’re looking to live with the wealthiest of the wealthiest, try North Ridge-Roosevelt. The median income of individuals here is at a whopping $152,232.

Northeast, Old Town, Braddock Road Metro, and King St. Metro follows in the top 5 of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Alexandria.

Why invest in a luxury home in Alexandria, Virginia?

The luxury homes for sale in Alexandria, VA feature a variety of choices listed from the least to the most expensive to help you out on picking the best luxury home for you.

If you’re still not convinced whether picking a home right here in Alexandria is a good choice, here are some more things that you should know:

  • They have a giant party every New Year’s Eve although it comes with an expensive admission. But if you’re not down to spend so much, you can still enjoy the fireworks display that lights up above the Potomac River.
  • Alexandria also has nature spots and one spot that most people enjoy is the Potomac River where you can have a nice jog or enjoy a romantic night while enjoying its view.
  • Its waterfront also offers prime outdoor recreation activities like biking, boating, and hiking!
  • Enjoy the art scene through different museums.
  • Enjoy the quaintness of Alexandria by visiting Old Town and its 18th century restaurants like Eamonn’s fish and chips shop and boutiques like Mint Condition.
  • If you love the churches, you’ll see one on every block! Many have said that churches are the Starbucks equivalent here in Alexandria.
  • Transportation is also excellent with easy metro access. Most residents enjoy walking and commuting.
  • If you have a dog, then you’d surely love this place since it’s very dog friendly!
  • For families who have kids, Alexandria provides the best educational institutions. They also encourage STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) for students.

Basically, the location of Alexandria and these wonderful public amenities are already good enough reasons to take a look for a home here. And if you want to up it a level to luxury homes, you also have plenty of choices to choose from!

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