Luxury Homes For Sale in Great Falls VA

Live your best life in Great Falls located in the western Fairfax County in Virginia. Great Falls sits just minutes away from Washington D.C. and northern Virginia tech corridor located in Dulles. You can enjoy both the buzz of the cityscape and the peace of nature with the different parks that border the area.

It’s a quiet and luxurious community with a breathtaking scenery of nature. You can choose from a range of stylish Craftsman houses to exquisite Tudor style architecture.

If purchasing a luxury home is on your list, then you should consider these luxury homes for sale in Great Falls, VA.

What is a luxury home?

Before we get into why you should purchase a luxury home in Great Falls in Virginia, let us first define what a luxury home is.

There is no actual defined checklist for labeling a property as “luxury”. Most of the time, it’s used as a loose term or even a clickbait among real estate listings. This is why in purchasing such luxury real estate, it’s best to have a top real estate agent. That way, you don’t run the risk of putting your money into a “scam”. Or anything that is less of what you expect from your money’s worth.

It’s also not true that all million dollar homes are automatically listed as luxury homes. That is because property prices are dependent on the prices of what sells nearby. And for more expensive cities across the US like New York and Manhattan, a million dollar price tag can be something just a cut above the average. Or nothing really fancier than the usual and modest 3 to 4-bedroom single family home.

Basically, a luxury home is defined as a property listed in the top 10 percent of properties on the local market. But here are some considerations that most high-end real estate buyers look for in luxury homes.

Location and Accessibility

One very important factor that “determines” a luxury home is its location. Locations within wealthy neighborhoods increase its appeal and value making it what real estate agents call as “prime location”.


That is because wealthy neighborhoods provide a secure and safe space for those living inside its premises. There are designated security officers in the area and crime rates are usually low.

These communities also offer lavish and exclusive amenities. These amenities include different centers for health and fitness as well as recreation areas like pools and game rooms. Aside from that, these neighborhoods most likely offer easy access to posh shops and boutiques and five-star dining. A vibrant downtown culture is part of what makes a neighborhood a “prime location”.

Of course, it’s also equally appealing to buyers when the luxury home is located near major roads which makes it easy to access. Access to parks and other nature-related sceneries are also a factor. Being able to escape the city life and embrace the peaceful nature also makes the location desirable.

Families who have kids often also consider the prominence of schools that provide high quality education in the area.

Style and Features

Typical high-end buyers look for considerably sized luxury homes. Large enough to fit everything comfortably with an outdoor entertaining space that provides a refreshing environment.

Stylish and elegant architecture with well-designed interiors and custom finishes are also very important. Especially now in the age of Instagram, aesthetic has somehow been a necessary commodity in any living space.

Why you should invest in luxury real estate.

Yes, it’s definitely not a question if you have the purchasing power to do just that. Because contrary to opinions, economic weather has rarely put a stop on people who seek luxury homes for the comfort that these homes provide.

Amidst economic downturns like the coronavirus that has been plaguing the US since March, the market for luxury homes remains desirable. That is, these high end real estates hold up better than traditional real estate markets. In terms of value, they are also steadier and are considered safer investments compared to stocks.

If you’re looking for the best spot to purchase a luxury home, you have a lot of options in luxury homes for sale in Great Falls, VA.

This place looks straight out of a holiday greeting card, a wooded community with just over 15,000 in population. It’s quiet and reserved which is perfect for families who love a peaceful vibe. It is situated near Capitol Beltway and George Washington Parkway which gives easy access to the capital. You can also enjoy a smooth drive to nearby communities like McLean and Tyson Corner.

There is also a wealth of parks and hiking and horse trails that you can enjoy just a few minutes from home. There’s the 800-acre Great Falls Park and the famous Potomac River, the Riverbend Park, and Scott’s Run Nature Preserve. Great Falls also offers casual and upscale establishments like the top rated French restaurant L’Auberge Chez Francois.

For families who are looking for schools to enroll their kids in, Great Falls offers a high ranking school system. One location, everything you need in just a couple of miles.

The average sale price of homes in the area is estimated at $1,300,300 and most of these are owned. According to Neighborhood Scout, 70% of luxury homes in Great Falls, VA were built in the ‘70s until the ‘90s.

The ‘70s luxury home styles feature an open floor plan. This is described as space with no walls or barriers and rooms generally flow into one another. Additionally, we’re talking about oversized windows and French doors opening to sprawling porches. This design is very popular among families since the lack of separation in between rooms makes it easier to watch children. Also, there is better traffic inside the house and more natural light which basically gives anyone a better mood.

The 1980s through the ‘90s still featured the large-arched windows. During this time, cathedral ceiling skylight, sunken living rooms, and mirrored closets were also the hype.

Great Falls may be listed as one of Forbes most expensive zip codes to live in but it is definitely worth it with the prime location and luxurious and magnificent homes.

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